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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thank You

Jay and I (Judy) are on vacation for several weeks but other friends continue to visit Mike at Wildflower Court. There were many people at his birthday celebration on Saturday, estimates vary widely. He continues to have visitors and enjoys telling stories although his short term memory is such that he doesn't always remember who has visited. 

Shana took a picture of the view from his window that enjoys so much. We wanted to post it on the blog but my mini-iPad freezes up when i try to post pictures. 

Mike has stopped going to the physical therapy room, although he is doing some therapy in his bed. He has largely stopped eating and is in the process of saying goodbye to his friends who visit. One thing that he mentioned to Shana is that he doesn't want to die alone or with strangers, which is why he has declined Hospice care. Wildflower Court accepts his decision and will contact us when his time is near. It would be good to have a list of his friends who would be available to be with him during that time. If you would like to volunteer, please email me at with your name and phone number. Feel free to specify times when you do or do not want to be called. 

Thank you to everyone who has spent time with Mike while he has been in Seattle or at Wildflower Court. He has appreciated your caring. 

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  1. Mike told me this week that his illness has been a blessing because he has had time to think. He even said he has been able to solve a math problem that he has been pondering for years (he was very wise not to try to explain it to me!).

    He is really enjoying having visitors, and has had quite a regular stream of people visiting. If anyone has time to visit, he is in Blueberry Wing at Wildflower Court, which is behind Bartlett Hospital, on the uphill side of the hospital. The doors are locked in the evenings after 4:30 p.m. and on weekends, but you can get in by pushing “Ward clerk” on the phone in the entry way, saying who you want to visit, and they will unlock the door.

    If you are able to visit, he enjoys telling stories and having discussions. Occasionally he is a little slower to find his words, so be sure to pause a little longer, in case he's not yet done talking, and is just searching for words.

    Please spread the word to anyone you know who is a friend of Mike's, who may not know he is ill.