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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Good Day

Shana called me this afternoon and told me she had visited Mike for about an hour today. She said he was better today than she had seen him in over a week. He was alert, in a good mood and very articulate. He even sent her off to buy a new math book. He has been solving math problems in his head. He was in little to no pain but so alert that if he was on pain medication, it was not clouding his thinking. All in all, a very good day.


  1. Whew! That is some good news!
    When I called today he said he was only walking to the loo. Has he given up on walking? Is he eating?

  2. Hi Lisa,
    He is no longer walking or going to the physical therapy room for physical therapy twice a day. The physical therapist comes to his room once a day and he does physical therapy in his bed. I have not seen him out of bed in about a week, so don't know how often he gets out of bed.

    He seems to be eating a little bit, but only liquids and pureed food, for the most part. He does enjoy soft fruit, like melon and peaches, but other than that isn't eating any solids. He is very thin.

    However, Tuesday he was alert, talkative, and appeared to be pain-free. It was really enjoyable to spend time with him and see him seeming to be enjoying life and his visitors, which he had quite a few of. Mike has said that his illness is a blessing. Well, I must say that for me, the stories he has told and the way he has opened up has been very meaningful for me personally. He has told me things that I always wondered about, but didn't have the nerve to come out and ask about. I also can't tell everyone enough how much I appreciate getting to know more of his friends and family, and feel like I have gained so many new friends through this process.