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Friday, August 9, 2013

Looking for Jim

Mike has asked Barbara May to contact one of his former students. His name is Jim but Mike can't remember his last name. He was a student at JDHS in the early to mid-70s when Mike had his court case with the school district. Jim testified for Mike and now Mike would like to be able to talk to him again. For a while Jim was living in Anchorage and was a Bishop with the Morman Church. More recently he has been an attorney living in Snowflake, Arizona. If anyone knows how to contact him, or even his last name, please email Barbara May at or call her at 907-723-5000.

Also, please see the comment from Shana on the post below on visiting Mike.


  1. Mike and Jim have connected! Someone contacted Barbara with Jim's contact information. Barbara gave Mike the contact information today, and I later helped Mike call Jim. Mike is so very happy to have been able to talk to Jim. Mike said Jim testified for Mike at his trial, at great personal sacrifice. Mike wanted to thank Jim once again for doing that.

    Also, since about Tuesday or Wednesday, Mike has had increasing bouts of excruciating pain. I was with him at about 10:00 p.m. Friday when he had the worst one I'd seen yet. It went on and on, and did not seem to abate. I was increasingly concerned about these episodes.

    However, when I visited this afternoon, I heard that Mike had finally agreed to take some pain medication. Whatever they gave him has done the trick, because he said this afternoon he feels the best he has felt since being back in Juneau. I was with him for several hours, and he did not have a single episode while I was there.

    I told the nurse to keep giving him whatever it was that they gave him this morning. She said that previously, she had worked a whole 12-hour shift in which he had refused any pain medication. He has fought, ever since he broke his hip, from taking anything, not wanting to fog his brain. I'm glad that he is finally agreeing to take what he needs to take not to be in pain.

    He also ate well (for him) while I was there today. He drank a whole half-pint carton of milk, at some cantaloupe, and had a few spoonfuls of soup.

    He was also somewhat cantankerous and feisty. So in other words, somewhat of his usual self.

    Mike is still getting a regular stream of visitors, which he is enjoying very much, so keep visiting and calling when you are able to. If you are there during a meal time, offer to help feed him, since otherwise, I'm not sure he eats very much.

  2. Was with Mike tonight (Sunday, August 11) from about 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. Arnie Weimer was there at the same time. Mike was in some pain, and was not as lucid as usual. He did not talk very much, and had his eyes closed most of the time, though he wasn't asleep. Several times he started off mid-story to tell us something. If you had heard the story before, you knew what he was talking about, but if you had not heard it before, you would not understand what he was saying.

    The nurse gave him some medication for the pain; half an hour later, he was still in pain, so they shifted him to a different position. By the time we left, I don't think he was in pain any longer. He seemed comfortable, and was dozing off to sleep.

    So overall, he didn't seem to be doing very well this evening. But as it was the end of the day, maybe he was just worn out.

    Arnie brought Mike some very ripe, juicy peaches, and Mike ate part of one peach shortly before we left. He also drank a half-pint of milk earlier in the evening. He seemed to really enjoy the peach.