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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Room in Juneau!

A room will be available for Mike at Wildflower Court in Juneau as of July 22 so we will be bringing him home by medivac then. In the event that a room becomes available before then at the Pioneers Home, he will go directly there. In any case, his ultimate goal is the Pioneers Home.

The good news is July 22 is the date certain for him to return to Juneau.

Mike wanted me to add to the blog: "Hello darlings! Thank you all for the very kind wishes. Rather than answering you individually, know that you are all in my heart. I am grateful for all your well wishes."

Barbara Guertin Nielsen took this picture today, showing Mike standing outside in the sunshine. I hope he takes advantage of getting as much sun as he can before he gets back to rainy Juneau!


  1. I'm going up to Seattle to visit my brother and Mike. Was hoping to see Mike 7/14-15-16 or thereabouts. Get some interviewing done for the early childhood chapter. Happy to hear he'll be getting back home soon. Also happy to hear it won't likely be till after my visit!