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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday, June 19

There is not much news or change in Mike's condition since the last blog post. He continues with his physical therapy. At his request his catheter was removed last week but was re-inserted after only a day because he was retaining urine. He is eager to get back to Juneau and we are simply waiting for a room to become available at the Pioneers Home or Wildflower Court. He is at the top of the waiting list for the Pioneers Home but apparently Wildflower Court has a fairly long list.

I have not heard recently from people who have visited but his nurse tells me that he is still getting frequent visitors. I asked him if he has had any visitors lately and he asked if he should be expecting anyone in particular. I think the problem may be that he is having trouble remembering names.

Please continue to call, write or visit Mike. It boosts his spirits greatly.

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