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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back at Park West

After being taken to the Harborview Emergency Room on Sunday (July 7) with a urinary infection, Mike was transferred to Swedish Hospital later that day. Yesterday, July 10, he was taken back to Park West Care Center. He is now in the same room with the same phone number he had before he was taken to Harborview.

The last few days have been very difficult for him. He has been confused (apparently a very common symptom with urinary infections) and felt helpless. This morning I talked to him for the first time since he had gotten back to Park West and his mood was so much improved. He keeps forgetting when he is to come back to Juneau (July 22) thinking he would be coming back today. He was with Ren, his physical therapist, when I talked to him and I ask Ren to write July 22 on his white board so he could be reminded of the correct date. Mike asked me what today is and I told him the 11th and said he has just 11 more days at Park West. He said, "Wonderful, wonderful! I will have more time to do the exercises." Ren also told me that the tests had shown there was no more damage his his organs from the infection. It was good to hear Mike sound so much more up and hopeful than he has been for the last few days.

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