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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday, May 14

This is mostly a repeat of what I thought I posted on Monday night. I heard from several people that they looked and the post was not there so I have redone it.  

I had a call from Sheila Nickerson who had driven down from Bellingham on Monday with Ingrid Judson to visit Mike. Sheila thought he looked weaker than the previous week but said it might have been due to having walked 9 steps during physical therapy earlier in the day. Micaela Jensen called and also said she thought he looked weaker. Today, Tuesday, Bruce Botelho will be stopping for a visit on his way through Seattle.

I gave him a call at 10:00 this morning (11:00 Seattle time), Tuesday, and it was a short conversation since he was getting physical therapy. There seem to be more medical activities in the morning than the afternoon. If you are passing through Seattle and would like to visit him, he does enjoy visits. You can call 206-937-9750 to find out when is a good time to visit. The address is in West Seattle, 1703 California Ave SW, 98116.

I enjoy hearing from people who have visited him because I can get a better idea of how he is doing than by just talking to him. You can call me at 907 586-1464 or email me at crondahl(at)gmail(dot)com.

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