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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday, May 20

First of all, Mike wanted to add to his 70th birthday greetings to the Class of 1961. He said he forgot to address them as "Darlings"!

When I talked to Mike yesterday, he was very pleased to have gotten phone calls from two cousins who live in LA. I had been trying to contact them for a week and finally got through. He also got a call from Rob Crosby from Maine, a fellow teacher from the 1970s. Mike asked him about Rick Pastega who also taught at JDHS in the 60s. If anyone has a way of contacting Rick and letting him know of this blog, please do so, or ask Rick to email me.

Mike also had a visit from Jim Barron. Jim took the following picture and he certainly looks like he is enjoying Jim's visit. This was after having a visit from the long-term care insurance reps for an hour and a half so I'm sure Jim's visit was a great tonic.

He's getting his physical therapy every day which consists of various exercises and walking between the parallel bars -- about a dozen steps. He feels insecure walking with a walker. His balance is not good and he's afraid of falling again.

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