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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Runt Speaks for Himself

I got to go up to Seattle when Mike was rehabbing up there.  He'd invited me to participate in his [auto]biography project.  His idea was different people would help him with different periods of his life.  I told him I'd take part one as I'd also get some bonus stories about my Step-Dad, his brother David.

His accent is pretty strong, and there was a lot of hospital-ish background noise, so it's a bit hard to follow.  I've transcribed what I can & will paste it in below for those who might be interested.  & I will also upload the recording some way so you can enjoy the distinctive sound of his voice.  Although, of course, this is not him at his very best, you can still get a clear sense of the man.  A gem.  I will miss him.  And his listening with the third ear.

Here's a link to the recording:

Extemporaneous Life Story Recording

and here's the link to the notes:

Notes transcribed from extemp life story

Those of you who've known him for a while will have heard several of these stories before.

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