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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday, April 25

I talked to Mike this morning. As on previous mornings, his speech was clear. Unlike previous mornings, his voice was much stronger. In short, he was full of the usual piss and vinegar. I think this was due, in no small part, to his latest brainstorm for getting back to Juneau and going into Wildflower Court rather than going to a rehab center in Seattle. The only way this could happen now is if he were able to get medivaced back since he is in no shape to fly commercially. I'm waiting for a call back from Heather with the name and number for one of his Seattle doctors who could talk to his Juneau doctor.

Late Morning
Well apparently Heather and others have been able to convince Mike that it's not possible to come back to Juneau in his present condition. Instead he will be moving to a place called Park West today for palliative care. He does not want physical therapy, in which case he will probably never improve enough to come back to Juneau. Heather thinks that he may get bored enough that he will decide to do PT. She says that visitors will be good for him and may boost his spirits enough that he will make the attempt. Shana (my daughter) is going down next week for about 10 days to see him and to visit friends.

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